From the almost twenty years of experience of its founder Franco Coppola, FRANCOLOCATION was born an established and constantly evolving reality both nationally and internationally. 

The main activity is the identification of locations suitable for every need (photo shoots, movies, events) and the organization of logistical, permitting and bureaucratic aspects throughout the national territory. The particular ability to weave cordial relationships with the environment is certainly an added value in terms of problem solving. (can you think of another formula to express the concept?)

With an archive of over 100,000 images, it is one of the most flexible location services in Italy, boasting collaborations with some of the most prestigious brands and participating in the creation of their advertising films, just to name a few: COCA COLA- FIAT -AUDI- MERCEDES – FERRERO- RAS- DANONE – NESTLE ‘- BARILLA – BARILLA MULINO BIANCO – INFOSTRADA – GIOVANNI RANA – AMADORI – NIKE – TIM – PEUGEOT – BAULl -VODAFONE – VOLVO, SAMSUNG.

Some of the directors we worked with are Alessandro D’Alatri, Rupen Wainwright, Tarseem, Bosi Sironi, Tony Kaye, Federico Brugia, Dario Piana, Francesco Nencini, Marcus Nispel Ted Lensen, Anatoly Vassillev.

The high professionalism of the whole staff and the dynamism with which FRANCOCOPPOLALOCATION knows how to move in this sector has allowed it to become the main reference for the organization of international productions such as the itinerant video of the Korean music group T-ARA and the launch of the GANGKIZ, both champions in the Eastern and Middle Eastern markets.

We know how to do our job because we do it with passion.